Thursday, September 25, 2008

Okay, so let me get this straight. . .

With my limited income - limited enough that I cannot afford healthcare and have been uninsured for nearly a decade, and additionally, despite working six days a week for Years, have never been able to save because every red cent I earn goes directly towards basic living necessities ie; rent, food, utilities - I am paying taxes that are going towards bail outs of private companies that set themselves up for disaster by insuring bad debts, getting involved in what would normally be highly illegal pyramid schemes, etc. So like, for example - the 89 billion dollars that AIG is getting from the federal government is actually a purchase of a 5.3 TRILLION dollar debt - and if everyone who was owed that money came to collect on it - I, along with all of you, would be paying for it (we're already paying for the initial 89 billion dollar part.) Do I have that straight? Just checking, because last time I looked I (along with countless others) have a slipped disc and a torn/scar tissued MCL and need two surgeries, so I just want to be abundantly Crystal clear that that is indeed what is happening.

The way I figure, the only way to fix an economy is if your viable workforce isn't physically broken with no hope of repair - for fear of insurmountable costs and life long debt. . .
Call me crazy, but I imagine I'd be a lot more productive if it didn't hurt to work and I wasn't scared of the expense of fixing myself.

How come when companies are earning huge profits I don't get a percentage of the return, but when they're in debt I am paying for it?
So now that we've usurped this 5.3 trillion debt and we all own Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, are we gonna reap the profits?
I kinda doubt it. Kinda.

(although i have Always wondered where the change that mysteriously appears under my couch cushions comes from. . . maybe big business Has been looking after me all these years)

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