Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oscar Academy, WTF?

Seriously The Academy...
How is Hailee Steinfeld up for a supporting actress oscar and Annette Bening for a lead? Can someone explain this to me? Hailee Steinfeld had a lead role and Anette Bening did not. Did the academy accidentally write the wrong names next to the ballot check boxes? Did they see either movie?
This remake of True Grit could not have existed without Hailee Steinfled- who not only narrates the movie, but is also it's central character and drives the entire plot.
Anette Bening is, at best, a fleeting reminder that, between a barrage of sex scenes starring Julianne Moore & Mark Ruffalo, you are watching a movie that without her would be any other number of humdrum straight dramedies that no academy would nominate for anything in any category.
Swap Anette Bening for an infertile Greg Kinnear who's wife is cheating on him with their anonymous sperm donor and realize that this truly is at best just a mediocre movie.

It's like that time when Nicole Kidman won for lead actress in the Hours because she was wearing a prosthetic nose for her 15 on-camera minutes, and Julianne Moore was up in the same category for Far from Heaven- which hands down, should've beat crazy pants & the fake nose.
It's just plain wrong.