Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today I had a thought. . .Just for shits, while we're at it - how bout a national ballot on whether or not to overturn womens suffrage? Seriously, why bother having all this legal mumbo jumbo, all this political hoo haa - everything from now on should be put to the public opinion poll and turned into law. Go America!

It'll be really easy - the president (voted in by whomever retains voting rights, after the great voting right referendums of 2011), like a school principal, will just announce outcomes from all random ass referendums voted upon by the general population over a national PA system, we'll have a single police force to enforce the will of the people on to the people and it'll be like Real Live Freedom! Now that's what I call democracy, who's with me!??

btw - I'm running for president starting now, please send all campaign donations to