Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remember Saturday, September 27, 2008?

On that very date I said that I thought Sarah Palin was "a hoot."
See for yourself, you can look back at my oldest blog posts, that thing really happened.
I'm totally over it, she no longer, and really hasn't for quite sometime, I'd say years, qualifies as "a hoot."
Here is a simple theory on why we are still talking about this bitch nearing the end of 2010:
there are so many ego driven baby boomers (seventy-six million) who are so desperately afraid of what might happen when they, en masse, become very old, that they are willing to vote this obvious lunatic into ultimate power because her seemingly minuscule grasp of concepts such as action v. consequence, cause v. effect, will lead her to pick up that red phone and say something like, "let 'er rip!" at a pin drop, launching a nuclear holocaust, thus effectively eliminating the prospect of old age for this particular group of Americans.
As my uncle says, and I am paraphrasing here, 'I'm ready for that inevitability- I disagree with everything she stands for, but if she's willing to end it all, she's got my vote.'
I think in the photograph she is throwing up the gang sign for , "I'm fucking crazy."