Friday, October 3, 2008


thanks whoever created these, it really made the 'debate' more tolerable, although we think Palin may have been briefed re: the words on the bingo cards because she avoided some very obvious ones. There was also some debacle due to one person yelling "Palin!" and one "Bingo!" and which was actually the prize winning cry - being that traditionally you would say "Bingo!" but the top of the card had "Palin" written in bingo font, let's just say it got a little ugly. Thank goodness she got that 'special needs' in there at the end there or we would've all gone home empty handed!

Sarah Palin Tolerates just about anyone!

Jews, Gays, etc. . .

One show only!

Joe Six-Pack & The Hockey Moms˚ are playing tomorrow night at The Chance and Poughkeepsie, who's in?

˚Jillian, Live (New York: Storefront, 2008)

Here are just some quotes

"He (McCain) is the man we need to leave." - Sarah Palin, 10:23 EST

When asked what her achilles heel was she said, and I quote,
"We're an unapologetic nation."
Ooooookay, uh not probably the Best message to send out there to the world. . . but, Agreed.
And then she went to tout her experience as Governor of Alaska. . . wait, so was That her achilles heel? Governing Alaska? Because I am pretty sure that's what she said as she blathered on and on about her experience.

Then she looks Biden right in the face and says re: his wife,
"Her reward is in heaven."
Not sure where she was going with this one, but didn't anyone brief her on tact?

Also "OBiden" was a good one.

Lest I forget, "Nucular. . .Nucular. . .Nucular. . . Nucular. . .Nucular. . .Nucular."

Whoever dressed Gwen Ifill last night gets a big fat F

The jacket was button-less, collarless, puffy, ill-fitting, and awkward. It's just not fair.

Sarah Palin wants you to know how much she Loves Israel

she fucking Loves it. As my friend Liz pointed out, it's most likely because her Diverse group of friends probably includes innumerable Jewish folks. Although, Congressman Robert Wexler begs to disagree.,7340,L-3589734,00.html

Thanks, Sarah Palin, for inappropriately bringing up the holocaust, WTF????

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Tree Grows in Brooklyn

is the title of my new book set to be released Spring of '09. What do you think it's about? Please leave your ideas in the 'comments' section provided below:

special thanks to who ever came up with these. i've printed 'em out and am crossing my fingers!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm biden my time

because the presidential debate will palin comparison to the vice