Friday, October 3, 2008

Here are just some quotes

"He (McCain) is the man we need to leave." - Sarah Palin, 10:23 EST

When asked what her achilles heel was she said, and I quote,
"We're an unapologetic nation."
Ooooookay, uh not probably the Best message to send out there to the world. . . but, Agreed.
And then she went to tout her experience as Governor of Alaska. . . wait, so was That her achilles heel? Governing Alaska? Because I am pretty sure that's what she said as she blathered on and on about her experience.

Then she looks Biden right in the face and says re: his wife,
"Her reward is in heaven."
Not sure where she was going with this one, but didn't anyone brief her on tact?

Also "OBiden" was a good one.

Lest I forget, "Nucular. . .Nucular. . .Nucular. . . Nucular. . .Nucular. . .Nucular."

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